Cinematic Deja Vu: Man, That Film Seems Familiar

Have you ever been in the cinema watching a new film, when all of a sudden a feeling of familiarity washes over you. ‘Man, I think I’ve seen this before!’ There are so many films that are seemingly difference on the surface, but are in fact the exact same story. Looper & Terminator ‘So I... Continue Reading →

Which Movie Mash-Up Needs To Happen?

After the infamous Sony Leak, it was confirmed that there was actual serious talk of combining both the successful 22 Jump Street franchise with the dead-as-a-doorknob Men In Black franchise. As ridiculous as it sounds, the fact that 22 Jump Street lives in a hyper-post modern universe does actually make the idea somewhat digestible. All... Continue Reading →

10 Movie Roles Recast for Better & Worse

Cinema is full of characters which have been beautifully written, wonderfully directed and brought to life by actors in the most amazing ways over the decades. When an actor is able to take an expertly crafted character from a page and transform themselves into someone that was once just a figment of a human beings... Continue Reading →

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